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Please join us in our new home at the website below!!  We are very excited to be there!

Ruthless Endeavor

Chains of Eternity

lotusia88, Nov 19, 12 2:31 PM.
Fall is here and so is the new expansion, Chains of Eternity. Levels going up to 95 for charcaters and the guild. Two new amazing lands to expore and plenty of new content. Hope everybody is having fun adventuring and leveling. Lots of old friends returning after some time off. Welcomeback Tajeria, Coldsteel and Jhudora.

EQ2 summertime

lotusia88, Jul 20, 12 8:17 PM.
heya all, it Tiarna, Summertime is slow, its always been that way, so grouping etc is tough. No worries things will pickup in the fall. Grats to Rightnes on becoming an RE officer to help organize scheduled grps plus recruit for our casual raid force. We know Nirzom, and Taliathia from Malice in Wonderland, they might be invited as friends into RE grps to help fill slots. So happy hunting and see you around. 



lotusia88, Apr 23, 12 1:01 PM.
Skyshrine is apon us. Hope everybody is having fun with the new adventures, quests, & loot. The new zones will keep everybody on their toes. Everybody seems to be racing to level 92 which is good. Theres new faction quests and dailys to get loot. Over 100 new quests in the withering lands for fun and adventure. I've been spending most my time on Tyrana harvsting rares for expert spells and the inflated market, fetching a pretty penny. It be greatly appreciate any regular harvests you don't need, please put in guild's harvests box in crafting room for general tradeskill use.  
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